am@rte Guidelines

am@rte intends to be a friendly, openminded place, where we can expect, that all our users follow our Guidelines an Terms & Conditions. If you do not, we can cancel your profile.

Only your own Photo and Videomaterial

We respect intellectual property. If you do not have the right to upload or share a photo or video material, do not do it! 

Respect & Tolerance
We are a diverse network of professionals from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Hatetress, xenophobia, rassism, mobbing is not tolerated by no means. We truly believe, that diversity drives innovation. If you like something, then spread the word. If you have to criticize something, then give constructive feedback. 

No Spam
We generate sales by helping others first. We don’t like to be bothered by irrelevant information.

Do not pretend to be somebody else. 
Your profile must be created under your real name with a photo, that shows only you. Your identity will be confirmed by attending our events. 
Your job title and profession must be according to your degree and the respective laws of your profession. 

Personal Data
Your Name and contact information can be shared with other attendees for networking purposes. You can adjust the privacy setting. Businesses must reveal by law their contact data. Check our Privacy rules.

Our events are public
We will register your attendance. You can share easely your contact information, if you allow us to store your location, so that your Name and Profession appears on the list of the attendees of our events. We use Bluetooth to exchange our digital business cards, with our complete, Name, Profession and contact infos like links to other profiles in social media, email and phone number and for companys also adress. 

Fotos & Videos during our Events
Our Events are public. During the sessions we take pictures and video material, that might be used to create content to be shared in social media platforms or on our website. If you have any concerns about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us: Alejandro Wagner

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